Eyelid Problems

Experiencing problems with your eyelid?

Eyelids may have many different problems. Some of the most common maladies to affect the eyelid are styes. There are two different types of styes, or hordeolums, internal and external.

Our eye doctors at EyeTech Optometry, in Frisco Colorado, regulary treat eye lid problems.  They can help determine the cause and start the most appropriate treatment for your eye lid problems.

Internal hordeolum
An internal hordeolum will cause the eyelid to become swollen, painful to the touch, red and warm to the touch. Typically this will be contained to one focal area of the eyelid, but may spread to cause diffuse swelling and pain of the entire lid. If you feel that you may have an internal hordeolum warm compress 3-4 times a day may help to resolve the condition. If warm compress does not alleviate the stye you should visit your optometrist as the stye may require an oral antibiotic to help it fully resolve. If your entire eyelid is swollen you should schedule an eye health exam and not attempt at home therapies. 

External hordeolum
An external hordeolum will similarly cause a swollen, tender eyelid, but will have a head on it much like a pimple. It is not advised that you express the stye yourself as the debris make get into the eye and cause a secondary infection or “pink eye.” If you have an external stye we recommend you schedule an eye health exam to ensure proper diagnosis and you will likely be prescribed topical antibiotic eye drops to alleviate the condition. 

Another common eyelid condition is blepharitis, which causes crusty build up on the lashes that can per-dispose you to infection, cause eye irritation and blurred vision. Blepharitis typically affects older individuals, but can occur at any age. Chronic blepharitis may be treated by your optometrist with eyelid cleansers, topical antibiotic ointments or oral antibiotics in rare cases. Over the counter lid wipes, such as Ocusoft or Oasis Lid Wipes available at EyeTech are great products to maintain healthy and clean lids. A second type of blepharitis, called demodex blepharitis can also cause issues with the eyelids. Demodex are small mites that live in the follicles of our eyelashes and are a normal part of the eyelid flora. Some individuals may have too many demodex which can lead to crusty deposits on your lashes. The most common signs of demodex belpharitis is significant itching in the mornings and crusty lashes. If you feel you may have a problem with this please call to schedule and eye health exam and our doctors can recommend an appropriate treatment to reduce the number of demodex to normal ranges. 


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Medical and Emergency Eye Care

Our Optometrists and staff of eye health professionals are equipped to provide you with medical and emergency eye care.  

Emergency Care
Dr. Ward and Dr Philpy regularly diagnose and treat eye injuries, infections, inflammations, burning, redness, pain, sensitivity, pink eye and remove foreign bodies from the eye.

Medical Care
Our doctors can treat, prescribe medication for and manage many different eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

Diagnosis and Referral
For eye conditions like cataracts, retinal tears and retinal detachments that may require surgical or specialized care, our Optometrists provide initial diagnosis as well as referral, co-management and follow-up care in coordination with an Ophthalmologist.


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Convenient Summit County location
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Eye problems can permanently damage your eye sight if not diagnosed and treated early.

Many eye problems like glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy don't have obvious symptoms in their early stages. Changes in vision are often so gradual that you unconsciously adjust to your sight without realizing your vision has changed.  You may think you are seeing as well as you were a year ago and don’t have problems, but you can't be sure until you've had your eyes thoroughly examined. 


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Convenient Summit County location
in Frisco, Colorado, across from Whole Foods