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Have you been told in the past that you couldn't wear contact lenses? Did you stop wearing contacts because they weren't comfortable or didn't fit right? Do you wear bifocals and assumed you weren't a candidate for contacts?  Recent technological advances contact lenses have increased comfort and expanded the range of correctable prescriptions.  And now with our guaranteed contact lens success program, it’s easy to try the latest in contact lenses. If you're not completely successful with your contacts, we'll refund your lens cost.

We’ll find the contact lenses that fit you

Many optical "supermarkets" fit everyone into limited lens types, which can result in an unhealthy and unhappy contact lens experience. At EyeTech Optometry, we carry all the latest lens designs.  Dr. Ward and Dr Philpy are experts in proper fit, comfort and total contact lens enjoyment.  You'll receive a custom fit and experience the true freedom of comfortable, healthy contact lens wear.

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Daily Disposable Contacts

Try the contacts that are here today and gone tonight

The hassle of caring for contact lenses is history
With daily disposables, the hassle of caring for contact lenses is history. No more cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting or enzyming! Simply put in a clean, sterile pair in the morning and throw them away before bedtime.

Eliminates cloudy vision and scratchy lenses
Deposits build up on the surface of contact lenses which cause cloudy vision and a scratchy, uncomfortable feeling. But daily disposables eliminate the problem of long-term build up because each lens is never worn more than a day. So your vision is always sharp and clear, and your lenses are always comfortable.

Results in healthier eyes with fewer complications
Daily disposables also offer significant advantages for eye health compared to ordinary contact lenses.  Every morning new, more sterile and moister lenses are used instead of reusing previously worn lenses.  A recent clinical study found that patients wearing daily disposables experienced fewer of the common complications associated with ordinary soft lenses.    


Discover the convenience and comfort of daily disposables lenses.
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Bifocal Contact Lenses

Think you can't wear contacts because you wear bifocals or reading glasses?  Bifocal contacts are a comfortable and convenient alternative.

No unsightly lines or the hassle of wearing glasses
Bifocal contact lenses can give you the correction you need, for both near and far vision.  These exciting, new contacts don't even require you to look down for reading, as required when wearing bifocal eyeglasses. You're able to hold your reading material wherever it feels comfortable. And nobody will even know you're wearing bifocals.

Imagine clear vision, without bifocals or reading glasses.
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Teens and Contact Lenses

Is your 14 year-old daughter begging for contact lenses, but you're not sure she's ready?  Parents may be surprised at how well a motivated teen cares for contact lenses and the benefits they offer.


Confidence and self-esteem
Appearance is especially important to teenagers. Because of this, your teen may be very motivated to wear and care for contacts. In addition, teens who feel they look good generally feel better about themselves, raising both their confidence and self-esteem.

Better compliance
The opposite is true of teens who aren't happy with glasses. Compliance is low among teens who don't like the way they look in glasses. They may remove them, often leading to eye strain and headaches.

Benefits over eyeglasses
Contacts are worn all the time. They're less likely to fall off during sports and other activities, less likely to break or be forgotten and offer better vision for classes, sports, and driving.

Easier wear and care
Caring for lenses has become simpler with the advent of disposables and planned replacement lenses. Following the care regimen we recommend should not be difficult for you teenager.


Your teen and contacts could be a perfect fit.
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Up to $50 OFF contacts lenses
and 20% off eyeglasses and sunglasses

with purchase of 1-year supply of contact lenses.1


Promoting healthy contact lens usage
We care about your eyes and we want to encourage safe and healthy contact lens usage. Let’s face it – contact lens wearers are more likely to follow the prescribed usage schedule for their contact lenses when they have an on-hand supply at the ready. Having a 1-year supply of contact lenses reduces the likelihood that lenses will be worn longer than prescribed and lowers the chances of complications often associated with prolonged wear.  Additionally, all contact lens wearers should have a pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes from UV radiation and a spare pair of eyeglasses to periodically give their eyes a rest from contact lenses.


1 Up to $50 Off Contact Lenses and 20% off Eyeglasses and Sunglasses - Must purchase a one year supply of contact lenses as defined by the manufacture’s recommended replacement schedule. Must have a current contact lens prescription valid for one year from date of purchase or else an eye exam with contact lens evaluation is required. Eyeglasses and sunglasses must be purchased at the same time and for the same person as the one year supply of contact lenses. Offer can not be combined with online contact lens purchases, other discounts, previous purchases or any insurance plans.