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You’ve never had an eye exam like this before!


The most comprehensive eye exam possible using the latest equipment and technology.

At the EyeTech Optometry your eye exam may very well be unlike any eye exam you have had before.  We invest heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide the most comprehensive and accurate eye exam possible. Patients often tell us “That was the most thorough eye exam I’ve ever had.  I’ve never had an eye exam like that before!”

No dilation eye exams

Our Optomap digital retinal imaging system allows our optometrist to view the back of the eye without dilating your pupils.


  • Larger 200 degree view of your retina than conventional eye exams allow. 

  • Digital picture provides a permanent record for identifying subtle changes year to year.

  • Aids in early detection of glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, and cancer.

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Trouble seeing at night?

Our Wavefront Aberrometer allows our eye doctor to determine if you have different day and night prescriptions.



  • Analyzes subtle imperfections unique to each eye for more accurate eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions.

  • Measures the change in pupil size between dark and bright light for creating different day and night prescriptions.

 Find out if you have different day and night prescriptions.
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It’s important to be thorough.

That's why our comprehensive eye exam utilizes equipment and testing not found in simple vision screenings, to uncover hidden, symptomless, sight-threatening eye diseases.


Retinal Photography - The inside of the eyes are photographed with our Optomap digital retinal imaging system for detection of glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, cancer and other eye problems.

Advanced Visual Fields - Our Humphrey Zeiss FDT visual field instrument performs a computerized analysis of your peripheral vision for evidence of brain tumors, strokes and glaucoma.  It detects subtle vision loss years before it would be discovered in standard peripheral vision tests.

Latest pressure test - We utilize the latest generation Marco Non-Contact Tonometer to comfortably test for abnormal eye pressure which is often symptom free but can damage the eye if left untreated.   It provides a very quiet and light puff of air in comparison to the older technology Non-Contact Tonometers used by other eye care providers.

Eye Health Testing - This takes up most of the examination. The optometrist analyzes the inside of the eye using retinal photography, a microscope and dilating the pupils if necessary.

Computerized Refraction - Our new Marco Electronic Refraction System utilizes "split prism" technology so patients can choose images in a side-by-side view without the eye doctor flipping back and forth between lenses.  The systems motorized and computer controlled lenses allow for more efficient and accurate eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions than an optometrist spinning dials by hand.

Neurological Screenings - Evaluating the way your eyes and pupils work together and individually can tell out eye doctor if the nerves and muscles controlling your eyes are working properly or require more investigation.

Medical History - Since the eyes are part of the body, they can be affected by seemingly unrelated health conditions, so our eye doctor must know about your general health and your medications prior to treatment.

Consultation - All patients, parents or guardians are provided an explanation of the findings, their significance, the treatment plan and other options. Our optometrist will answer your questions, review problems and discuss solutions.

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A Yearly Eye Exam could save your life!

Eye exams not only prevent vision loss by detecting eye problems early, but often reveal early signs of diabetes, hypertension, strokes, brain tumors, and more.

  • The eye is the only place in the body where a doctor can examine blood vessels without cutting.

  • The eye doctor is often the first to detect diabetes and brain tumors.

  • Many vision problems do not have obvious symptoms and require a thorough eye exam to detect.

  • Early detection is the most important factor in preventing loss of sight.

  • Some eye conditions and diseases if left undetected can cause blindness.

 A yearly comprehensive eye health examination enables our optometrist to monitor the health of your eyes, but also the ongoing health of the rest of your body as well. 

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All Eye Exams Are Not the Same.

In a world of volume and bargain eye care, we still put quality and service above all else.


Don't be fooled by quality and service claims.
Some eye care providers rush patients in and out as if to meet a daily quota.  Before you have time to blink, it’s all over.  No questions.  No explanations. 

We don't take our patients' trust for granted.
At EyeTech Optometry, you'll receive a comprehensive eye health examination, a thorough explanation of your condition, answers to your questions, and the latest in eye care technology and treatments.  We test more than your vision. We test and treat eye diseases and disorders. We test muscle balance, vascular conditions, eye-hand coordination and visual field.

Seeing an eye chart is one thing.  But total vision wellness is much more.
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We work hard to make sure we offer you the most thorough, state-of-the art eye care available. That's why it means so much when you tell your family, friends and co-workers about the quality of care you receive from us.  

Our thanks to you
Our Share the Care Referral Program is a fun way to tell others about the quality of care you receive from us.  For each new patient we see who was referred by you, we’ll send a coupon for 10% off your next pair of eyeglasses, contact lenses or sunglasses.  Combine coupons for a maximum of $150 savings per purchase.

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Share the Care: Referred patient(s) must have received a comprehensive eye exam at EyeTech Optometry for discount to apply. Maximum savings is $150 per visit. Savings must be applied within two years from last purchase. No other offers, additional savings or vision plans apply.