Eye Burning

The most common symptom of dry eye

Burning eyes, especially later in the day, are one of the most common symptoms of dry eye. If the tear film that normally coats the eye is compromised in some way this can lead to an imbalance in the tears causing a burning sensation.

Our eye doctors at EyeTech Optometry, in Frisco Colorado, regularly treat burning eyes.  They can help you determine the cause and start the most appropriate treatment for your burning eyes.

Dry Eye Related

For occasional burning eyes preservative free artificial tears 4x daily in both eyes may help reduce the frequency. If it becomes a chronic issue we recommend you schedule an exam to fully evaluate the front surface of the eye and pinpoint the root of the problem. Under no circumstance should you use redness relief drops such as Visine, ClearEyes or Rhoto. While these drops may temporarily relieve symptoms, they do not treat the underlying problem and may worsen dry eye.

Infection or Allergy Related

If your eyes are burning constantly, are red, painful or if you have any discharge or decreased vision you should schedule an eye health exam as you may have an infection or allergy.

If you are suffering from burning eyes, schedule an eye health exam or full routine exam to discuss potential treatment options with Dr. Ward or Dr. Philpy. 


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Medical and Emergency Eye Care

Our Optometrists and staff of eye health professionals are equipped to provide you with medical and emergency eye care.  

Emergency Care
Dr. Ward and Dr Philpy regularly diagnose and treat eye injuries, infections, inflammations, burning, redness, pain, sensitivity, pink eye and remove foreign bodies from the eye.

Medical Care
Our doctors can treat, prescribe medication for and manage many different eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

Diagnosis and Referral
For eye conditions like cataracts, retinal tears and retinal detachments that may require surgical or specialized care, our Optometrists provide initial diagnosis as well as referral, co-management and follow-up care in coordination with an Ophthalmologist.


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Convenient Summit County location
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Eye problems can permanently damage your eye sight if not diagnosed and treated early.

Many eye problems like glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy don't have obvious symptoms in their early stages. Changes in vision are often so gradual that you unconsciously adjust to your sight without realizing your vision has changed.  You may think you are seeing as well as you were a year ago and don’t have problems, but you can't be sure until you've had your eyes thoroughly examined. 


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For Emergency and Medical Eye Care, Please Call Our Office


Convenient Summit County location
in Frisco, Colorado, across from Whole Foods