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Optometrist Dr. Chuck Philpy Interview

Posted by admin on October 11, 2017

EyeTech has had a huge year already – changing their name from Complete Family Eye Care to EyeTech Optometry, and relocating from their Dillon location to the fresh new office across from Whole Foods in Frisco’s modern Basecamp shopping center. To top that off, in June, Dr. Christena Ward and the EyeTech staff welcomed their second optometrist, Dr. Chuck Philpy, doubling their capacity to serve patients with the same top of the line care all of Dr. Ward's patients have grown accustomed to!


Beyond basic introductions, we wanted to get to know Dr. Philpy better and had the honor of asking him a few questions to move beyond the usual education and background shared back in June. Read on for more!


What are you most excited about bringing to EyeTech now that you’ve joined the practice?

I'm excited to bring even more expertise for all the new technologies that we offer at EyeTech, that are great benefits to our clients. I enjoy advanced contact lens fittings, ocular disease management, dry eye treatments, and all the newest eye care approaches.

I am extremely excited to be part of the EyeTech team and bring another friendly face to Summit County, along with shortening the time it takes to get an appointment at EyeTech.

I recently finished up a research project related to dry eyes which included a study about the treatments and management of long-term contact lens patients battling dry eyes, a common problem, in our dry, high altitude environment. Symptoms like burning, stinging, and blurry vision from dry eyes, that result in reduced lens wear during a patient’s day can be addressed with new lenses and dry eye therapies not previously available!  

I feel very comfortable around an optometrist office - I am a third-generation optometrist, and one of 9 eye doctors in my family, with my Grandfather having been the first in our family. My family influenced my choice of what to do with my life, I have seen first hand the difference a good eye doctor can make in the lives of thousands of people.

What is the best part of your week?


It’s definitely when I get home and get outside with my 5-year-old golden retriever mix, Scout. I found her in a trash pile as a puppy near my home one day. I didn't initially believe I could afford to keep a dog, but my boss at the time was a wonderful older woman named Edie. Edie offered to pay for her first vet visit if I kept the dog. The rest is history and Scout has been the best thing I ever pulled out of the trash from that day to this.

What cheers you up?

Interacting with people – learning about their backgrounds and backstory. I also love to cook as stress relief – as a Colorado native, my favorites are traditional Mexican foods like enchiladas and tamales. I’d also like to try sailing on Dillon Reservoir – the wind is challenging here since it changes directions so frequently. I love the water and grew up spending my summers at the beach in St. Augustine, FL where my mother was born and raised. I still have lots of family in that area and try to get to the beach as much as possible!

What problem do you wish you could solve?

Traffic! The traffic volume between Denver and the mountains on I-70. My brother, sister, and best friends live on the front range, and it can be frustrating trying to get down there on the weekends to see them.

Who would you most like to share a meal with?

Leonardo de Vinci – he is fascinating. His work represents science meeting art during the Renaissance period so, from a historical perspective, his work is especially interesting.


What causes are you passionate about?

I am passionate about helping rescue animals, outdoor clean-up projects, and encouraging others to be active and productive members of their community. I always strive to make my community a better place. Summit County has a real sense of community as a small resort town, and the Colorado native in me loves this area! It’s hard to beat, and a great place to live.

Come into the office and meet Dr. Philpy and the great staff at EyeTech Optometry. Click here to make an appointment today.